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Christine A. Courtois PhD, ABPP
Christine A Courtois, PhD, PLLC 
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National Clinical Trauma Consultant
Christine A. Courtois PhD, ABPP specializes in the treatment of trauma, particularly for adults experiencing the effects of childhood incest and other forms of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Dr. Courtois has worked with these issues for 30 years and has developed treatment approaches for complex posttraumatic and dissociative conditions for which she has received international recognition.
Dr. Courtois offers integrative and evidence-based relational treatments for clients and consultation for loved ones that involve respect, information, and hope to counter the effects of trauma and abuse. She offers individual and group treatments that use strategies and protocols, personalized to the clients' needs. 
Dr. Courtois also offers educational, consulting and support services for
professionals involved in treating trauma and complex posttraumatic and
dissociative conditions. Seminars, training courses, and individual and group
consultation services on numerous trauma-related topics are offered on-site as
well as in oth
er locations (nationally
and internationally).


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Christine A Courtois PhD, PLLC    

3 Washington Circle NW
Ste. 206
Washington, DC 20037

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